Have been a pretty busy and productive week. I'm having the pleasure and the chance to film an Inspirational video for A.R.T. the Academy of Responsible Tattooing.

It's impressive how an idea can become so big and grow in so many ways, and the best of all.. helping to other people to grow with them.

I met Eric, a Graduate who now is actually working in one of the Tattoo Shops founded by the school, giving the chance to the graduates to make a living of their apprentice, and I could see proud and happiness in his eyes, there are always struggles when you're finding yourself, when who you are is fighting against who you want to be, and no matter what.. the real you is more powerful than any doctrine, or any stereotype, being yourself and doing what you love becomes the purpose of your life.

It would be great that if you have a friend who wants to become a Tattoo Artist tell him about this school, all the info you can find it at: www.tattooschool-art.com

Im pretty sure that if you're reading this it wouldn't be a coincidence.

Good luck!


Lester.                                                                             Director/EditoR                                                             Filmmaker/Photographer