One of my favorite apps out there is Vimeo, because I can see the work of other Filmmakers and learn -visually speaking- of their techniques and final results, and obviously get inspired with their work.

These are 3 of my favorite videos and favorite Indie Filmmakers so far (no hollywood famous) Take a look and get inspired :)

DANIEL CLOUD CAMPOS / music videos

he creativity here amazed me, realizing that you don't have to get $100K in equipment just to get the result you're looking for, creativity starts in the simplest things that surrounds you, and the best of all.. creativity is yours, and is free, it's what makes people call you by your name when your work is recognized.

The blurry movement effect was obtained by putting a bunch $4 lightbulbs in front of the lens, filmed in a 3 sets Studio.

Final Result: Freaking amazing.

JAMES MILLER / storyteller

I love the way James illustrate the story, you notice that he've been a long day with the subject because of the different scenarios, his B-roll is cinematically awesome and his color grading is not a favorite of a few, but for small screens for me this is a truly piece of Art and a customer very happy.

Final result: INSPIRING



His mind is full of prisms, his vision is amazing and you can find a new concept in every video he has made, very versatile, very visual, definitely an inspiration to not be afraid to experiment.

Final result: STUNNING